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The parish church of the small parish of Radclive cum Chackmore is located in Radclive, the smaller of the two villages which make up the parish. The two manors of Radclive and Hasley were recorded in the Domesday Survey as being in the hundreds of Mursley and Rowley in 1066 and 1086.



The farm land in the parish is mainly pasture. The church, built between the 13th and 15th centuries is bounded to the South by the Manor House dating from the 15th century and to the North by the slightly later former Rectory.



The church serves the parish and those from elsewhere who appreciate its particular form of services – BCP Holy Communion and modern services at festivals. It is available for baptisms, marriages and funerals. The graveyard and an area for cremated ashes are available to those living in the parish and to those with a close connection to it.



In 2019, the parish celebrated the 800th anniversary of the appointment of the first priest, William, in 1219.

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